Grief Support

Hospice of the Rock River Valley has a diverse grief support program that is able to provide the level of support you may personally need during this time.

  • Our grief support services are available to anyone in our community.

  • Our bereavement center at the Hospice office offers a variety of resources and includes reading materials and videos for adults and youth.

  • There is no charge for any of our grief support programs, groups and workshops.

Our Bereavement Program includes:

Individual Support
One-on-one support from our Bereavement Specialist. Visits to the home, phone calls, and the hospice newsletter. May also include chaplain visits if desired.

Bereavement Groups

Call 815-288-3673 to inquire about groups.

Who is Eligible?

Hospice Families - Bereavement services are available to any individual moving through the grief process, including any caregiver, friend or family member of a hospice patient.

Community Members - Any community member is eligible for individual support and is welcome to attend any support group.

Youth - The loss of a pet, parent, grandparent, friend or sibling is a traumatic experience for young people. Our bereavement coordinator can meet with youth in school, at home or at the hospice office. We also offer a youth bereavement camp, Camp Love & Loss, each summer.

Referrals - Feel free to refer family members, friends or bereaved to our bereavement coordinator. Often you can help a grieving loved one make the first step by calling for help.

Symptoms of Grief

The grief journey is unique to each individual. A person may or may not experience all of the symptoms listed below. What may seem "normal" to one grieving person may seem "abnormal" to another. Understanding the differences and similarities of the process will guide you through your own journey.

Emotional - Sadness, anger, guilt, anxiety, relief, numbness, helplessness, loneliness

Physical - Hollowness in the stomach, tightness in the chest and throat, breathlessness, weakness, lack of energy.

Cognitive- Disbelief, confusion, hallucinations

Behavioral - Sleep and appetite disturbances, absentmindedness, social withdrawal, dreams of the deceased or ill, crying.


Click here to view our Bereavement Brochure