"I find it fulfilling to help patients and families at a time they need it most. I wish people would find out what hospice can do for the family instead of thinking that hospice only means the end. Hospice can help in so many ways - emotionally, physically and financially. It's not saying the end is near, it's doing everything you can to help until the end comes." -- Hospice Volunteer

"I've been involved with Hospice for 10 years and have been privileged to know a lot of families during their loved one's last days. It's been very fulfilling to be a part of this journey." -- Hospice Volunteer

"Working with the families,  I learn more from them than I can possibly give. I think with hospice and the families understanding of hospice, they are accepting of what is happening, and the patients seem to be supporting their families with their strength. I love being a volunteer." -- Hospice Volunteer